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Applying SDS to Residential Care – your views needed!

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The Scottish Government funded 2 pilot projects to look at how SDS could be applied to residential care in Scotland. As you will know, under the current SDS legislation, it is not possible to fund someone living in residential care through SDS and the legislation is not being applied in this area. However, as the residential pilots are now complete, the Scottish Government would like to get people’s views on this are. Therefore, we would like to ask you for your views. We have listed some questions to help you think about this:

  1. Should SDS be applied to people currently living in Residential Care?

If yes – why and how would you see this working in practise? What would be different?

How would people’s choice and control be increased?

If no, why not? Would this be a bad idea?

2. Could people still receive their funding?

3. What, if anything, would make it difficult for SDS to be applied in residential care settings?

4. Would the cost of care and support increase if SDS was applied to residential care settings?

If yes, why would this be the case? Would any increased cost be likely to reduce a cost somewhere else in a person’s life?

If no, why not?

5. Any other ideas why applying SDS to residential care environments would, or would not be a good idea?

If you would like to be involved in any future discussions about SDS and residential care, just let us know. Once the residential pilots have reported we will update you this information and any other opportunities to be involved in future discussions.