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Future training opportunities

With members at the heart of what we do, SDS Scotland will be offering a diverse and relevant training programme to members this year. These will include training sessions on: Making Participation Requests under the Community Empowerment Act Getting it Right for every Child (GiRFEC) and Self-directed Support Setting up and using a Salesforces database […]

Self Directed Support Covid-19 Survey 2021

Survey of COVID-19 Guidance for Option 1 and 2 of Self Directed Support (SDS) The Coalition of Carers and the SDS Collective would like to understand how the Scottish Government’s Guidance for people receiving Option 1 and 2 of SDS has been implemented in practise. What is this survey about? In May 2020, the Scottish […]

National Care Service Consultation

Join our Members Consultation here. The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on a National Care Service, setting out their proposals to improve the way social care is delivered in Scotland. The consultation comes after the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland found that current structures have not fully delivered the improvements intended […]

Experiences of SDS in Scottish Borders

Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS) and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) have published a report exploring the experiences of people who access or wish to access Self-directed Support (SDS) in Scottish Borders. This report is part of a suite of Local Authority reports collated during the largest direct consultation of SDS […]

Disability Equality Training for SDSS Members

SDSS Members are invited to register for Disability Equality Training on Thursday 26 August 2021. Disability Equality Training was designed by disabled people to enable people to explore the essential issues that influence perceptions and perspectives of disability and determine the impact this has upon attitudes, service design and delivery. Disability Equality training is designed […]

Human Rights Principles in Digital Health and Social Care

The ALLIANCE, Scottish Care and VOX (Voices Of eXperience) are working together to support the development of rights based digital health and social care policy and practice across Scotland. They are exploring six principles for a human rights based approach to digital health and social care. Throughout this work, they want to engage with people who access services and people […]

Consultation on an SDS Strategy for Highlands

Consultation on Self Directed Support (SDS) Strategy for Highlands: NHS Highland and the Highland Council have come together with local stakeholders to develop a draft  Self-directed Support Strategy for the Highlands. This is an opportunity to influence the content of the overall Strategy, as well as being involved in the implementation of that Strategy in […]

First Steps towards a National Care Service for Scotland

Setting up of the Social Covenant Steering Group: The Scottish Government have set up the group, which is made up of people with day-to-day experience of social care. This was a key recommendation of Derek Feeley’s Independent Review of Adult Social Care. You can see further details on the Independent Review here: You can […]

Support Choices flies the nest becoming a sustainable local advice service

Support Choices celebrates becoming an independent advice charity, empowering people in Perth and Kinross with information. Outside the Box started the project in 2019 to help older and disabled people and their families get the support they need to have a good life. Now Support Choices spreads its wings as part of the sustainable local […]

Carer’s Allowance Supplement

The Social Justice and Social Security Committee are asking for written views on the Carer’s Allowance Supplement Bill. The Bill provides for an increase in the amount of the carer’s allowance supplement for the period from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. Anyone who qualifies for this supplement will get the increased amount. The […]