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Housing and workplace discrimination checklists.

Citizens Advice Scotland have published handy checklists on discrimination when it comes to housing and the workplace. These checklists help users identify discrimination and provide information on how this can be challenged. To access the housing discrimination checklist click here. To access the workplace discrimination checklist click here.  

Making a lasting difference: sustaining non-profit organisations and their impact.

Graeme Reekie of Wren and Greyhound has recently released a new book ‘making a lasting difference’ which is based on the popular lasting difference toolkit on sustaining non-profit organisations. Offering creative insights and straightforward definitions, the book introduces the five capabilities of sustainable organisations and the steps that can be taken to achieve them: Involvement Income […]

Free Personal Care for Under 65’s: Key resources.

On April 1st the Community Care (Personal Care and Nursing Care) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Regulations 2018 came into force. This legislation extends free personal care to those under the age of 65. At the moment public facing guidance is not yet available, however Local Authorities have been issued with guidance which we previously shared and can […]

Children’s rights legislation in Scotland: quick reference guide

  A new guide on children’s rights in Scotland has been published which includes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and is a handy guide for those who work with children and families. The guide can be accessed here.

New website for SDS resources.

A new website ‘The Hub’ has been developed to support improvement in social care and social work, and as part of this a library of key Self-directed Support resources has been created. The SDS library features materials suitable for a range of audiences and brings together a mix of resources from short video clips to […]

Being a PA Employer factsheet

  Being a PA Employer factsheet published by SDSS. This factsheet covers the following topics/questions: What is a Personal Assitant? What responsibilities doPersonal Assistant Employers have? Can I employ a family member as a Personal Assistant? How do I become a Personal Assistant Employer? What assistance can SDS support organisations offer? Where can I find […]

Capacity and Self-directed Support

Capacity and Self-directed Support factsheet published by SDSS. Download here.

Direct payments factsheet

  Direct Payments factsheet published by SDSS. This factsheet covers the following topics/questions: What is a Direct Payment? A Direct Payment is 1 of the 4 options of Self-directed Support. Who can get a Direct Payment? What can a Direct Payment be used for? Can an individual get support to manage their Direct Payment? Download […]

Disabled People’s SDS Organisations.

Disabled People’s SDS Organisations factsheet Download here

Independent Living factsheet

  Independent Living factsheet published by SDSS. This factsheet covers the following topics/questions: What is Independent Living? What is the Independent Living Movement and where did it begin? How does society need to change to make Independent Living achievable for all? Where can I find more information about Independent Living? Download here.