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Post School and Higher Education Guides for Disabled Learners and Carers

1) Post-school Learning Choices in Scotland

This guide contains information relating to a range of both formal and informal learning opportunities in Scotland, including:

  • Community learning
  • Further education courses at college
  • Vocational training and apprenticeships

This guide will be useful for:

  • Young people thinking about their learning options after school;
  • Adult learners thinking of taking up a new learning opportunity;
  • Carers of disabled people considering their learning options.

When making decisions about learning opportunities, people may want to know when and where to apply, whether any extra support is available if you are disabled, and how you will pay for your learning if there are any fees. People might also need to think about how they will meet their living costs if they have to stop working to take part in learning. You can see a copy of the Guide here

2) Higher Education in Scotland

Their booklet aims to help people through the process of applying to higher education, as well as providing information and advice about any extra support available if they have a disability, and how they might fund their studies. The booklet helps people to think about their options in higher education after they have finished school, and is also useful if you are older and considering going back into education. You can see a copy of the booklet here