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Redeveloping the PA Employer’s handbook.

September 30, 2019

PA Employer's handbook survey

A number of years ago the Scottish Government, SDSS, SPAEN and others, including SDSS members, were involved in the development of a PA Employers Handbook, which was published in 2014. A huge amount has changed since then, for example, Auto Enrolment, Living Wage, Sleepover rates, and even the way we talk about SDS and social care. 

The Scottish Government recognises that the existing document is now dated and needs some work if it is to remain relevant and useful. SDSS have agreed to look at this, and we want to work with all key stakeholders to find out how the existing Handbook has been used and what kind of tool you might want to make use of in the future. 

We recently surveyed (closed 6/11/2019) PA Employers, people who have thought about, or are considering becoming and the people that support them, including representatives from Independent Support organisations and Health and Social Care Partnerships, as well as people with experience of working as PAs to best decide how a new PA Employers handbook may look. We will publish findings and further information on this page in due course.