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New Briefing Calls for Incorporation of Right to Independent Advocacy in Scotland

Putting Independent Advocacy at the heart of the new human rights statutory framework in Scotland A new briefing, published by the Human Rights Consortium Scotland and Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA), lays out the case for incorporation of the right to independent advocacy into Scots law. Incorporation is the process by which a right becomes […]

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Rights for Children aged 12+ with Additional Support for Learning Needs.

On 10th January 2018 the Education (Scotland) Act 2016 come into force. As of this date the rights of children aged 12 – 15 have been extended to give them many of the same rights as their parents and carers and young people over 16 under additional support for learning legislation. The Scottish Government’s intention […]

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Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance resources: Advocacy Map and Human Rights Approach

The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) has recently published 2 new reports. The Advocacy Map gives a detailed breakdown of the funding and Advocacy services that are being delivered across Scotland and the challenges with this. This should be of real interest to anyone from an Independent Support organisation – to show how Local Authority […]

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