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Call to action! Scrap the Care Tax – Don’t tax us to go to the toilet!

The Scottish Government’s proposal to extend Free Personal Care means that disabled people will still have to pay hundreds of pounds a month for their social care, including if they need help to use the toilet when out and about. On October 23rd a protest will be taking place to ask the Scottish Government to […]

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Scotland Against the Care Tax Campaign: Daily Record support!

Scotland Against the Care Tax: now a Daily Record Campaign! Scotland Against the Care Tax has been campaigning to abolish care charges for Social Care in Scotland for some time. Now the Daily Record has started campaigning for their abolition by using case studies to illustrate the injustice of this tax. As an active member […]

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Press Release 07/12/2016 – Scotland should end the Care Tax

The campaign group, Scotland Against the Care Tax (SACT), calls on the Scottish Government to end charging people a financial contribution towards their social care. It comes as former leader for the Scottish Labour Party brings a motion before the Scottish Parliament today that will debate the principle and practice of charging people for essential […]

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