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Manifesto for Equality Now (Holyrood 2021)

Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) launches Manifesto for Equality GDA have published their manifesto for Equality, which asks mainstream political parties to consider the needs and rights of disabled people in the upcoming Scottish Elections. They state: ‘Disabled people face barriers, inequality and poorer outcomes across all areas of life. Poverty, prejudice, and lack of understanding […]

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GDA ‘Covid-Resilience’ interim findings show that disabled people are left behind.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis the team at Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) has been conducting outreach to understand the impact that COVID-19, and resulting measures, are having on disabled people. So far this has included: letters and surveys to 5000+ disabled people; wellbeing phone calls to 1550; in-depth survey completed by 1177; and […]

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GDA Future Visions programme: apply now!

GDA Future Visions offers a programme of short-term intensive support, modelled on the landmark Self Directed Support Act 2013. It empowers GDA members to identify goals, overcome barriers, make choices and take control of their lives, in relation to the support they need. Sharing these successes with allies, services, decision-makers and most importantly, other disabled […]

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