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Disability discrimination and access to advice

Inclusion Scotland want to find out where disabled people go for advice when they experience discrimination or inequality related to their disability or impairment. They are working with the Scottish Just Law Centre to find cases that affect lots of disabled people so that they can try to secure changes to law and policy that […]

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Report on Disabled People’s experiences during COVID-19

Inclusion Scotland Report Highlights Disabled People’s Experiences during COVID-19 Inclusion Scotland have published a report on Disabled People’s experiences during COVID-19, based on a Survey of 822 disabled people accessing social care support across Scotland, during the current Coronavirus crisis. They found that Disabled people and their carers are under significant pressure because: Social care […]

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Inclusion Scotland Disabled leadership network.

  Inclusion Scotland is hoping to build a ‘disabled leadership network’. This will be a network comprising of disabled people who want to become stronger leaders, within their community, workplace, education setting, or within politics and activism. Their hope is to facilitate a platform where disabled people can develop their leadership skills and gain the confidence […]

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