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Community Brokerage Scotland

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Community Brokerage Scotland


SDS Scotland is working with the Community Brokerage Network to develop Community Brokerage Scotland. 


Community Brokerage Scotland is focused on improving standards and consistency of brokerage and independent support. It has the ultimate aim of improving the quality of independent support across the country, and ensuring people who need support will get a high quality of support, no matter where they live in Scotland. 

It will do this by focusing on three main areas: 


1. Developing a National Brokerage Framework for Scotland 

Across Scotland there are organisations providing independent support consistent with the functions of brokerage, not all will call themselves brokerage organisations, but the functions they undertake are consistent.  

A working group has been established to devise a National Framework that will recognise the principles of independent support and brokerage, and set out standards in practice that all independent support and brokerage organisations should adhere to.  

The Framework will be underpinned by the principles of independent living, community connection and be rights based. This will ensure that all independent support organisations can deliver what is expected from them in relation to the National SDS Standard for Independent Support and Advocacy 


2. Delivering an accredited SQA level 7 qualification, the Community Brokerage Award 

As part of the aim to ensure consistent quality and standards across all independent support and brokerage organisations, the SQA accredited Community Brokerage Award (SQA Level 7) will be available for staff from these organisations, to improve their skills, knowledge and confidence around community brokerage. 

The award has been available locally in the past, but through Community Brokerage Scotland, is now being delivered nationally for the first time.  

The award is delivered by a mix of people, including those who organise brokerage or independent support, those who use it, and people who direct their own social care support and/or that of family members.  

The award has both an educational and practical component with a focus on increasing knowledge, improving practice in independent support and brokerage, practitioner confidence and levels of competence.  

To find out more about the award, visit the website: 


3. Developing the Accredited Brokers’ Community of Practice  

The third priority for Community Brokerage Scotland is to develop the existing Accredited Brokers Community of Practice (ABCoP).  

Individuals who have completed the SQA Award can join the ABCoP to undertake continuous professional development opportunities and have access to regular peer support, with reflexive practice being a central feature.  

This is particularly important where there are brokers/independent support organisations who are working in isolation or otherwise not well connected, including those who are self-employed.  

Community Brokerage Scotland will focus on developing the Community of Practice to ensure it is a sustainable source of shared learning and promotion of best practice. 



You can find out more about Community Brokerage Scotland, and keep in touch with updates, on the dedicated website: