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Independent Living Research 

Independent Living Research 


Recent research published on 26th January 2023 on the social care workforce in England with findings and recommendations for PAs:

Cominetti, N. (2023) Who cares? The experience of social care workers, and the enforcement of employment rights in the sector. Resolution Foundation.

Interesting article drawing on survey data collected from England in pre-COVID-19 times:

Roland, D., Allan, S., Chambers, E., Smith, D. and Gousia, K. (2022) Personal assistants in England and the factors associated with absenteeism. Frontiers in Public Health. 10:970370.

Research published on 15th July 2022 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to increase understanding and awareness of the issues in relation to achieving personal outcomes through Self-directed Support, and how this relates to equality:

Equality and Human Rights Commission (2022) Self-directed Support and personal outcomes (

United Nations, Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities general comment no. 5 (2017) on living independently and being included in the community:

United Nations (2017) Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. General comment no. 5.

International evidence of Personal Assistance in Sweden:

Westberg, K. (2010) Personal Assistance in Sweden. Independent Living Institute.

Adolf Ratzka proposes a model policy on how must the ideal national policy for Personal Assistance look:

Ratzka, A. (2004) Model National Personal Assistance Policy. A project of the European Center for Excellence in Personal Assistance (ECEPA). Ratzka200410a-1

Munro, K. and Elder-Woodward, J. (1992) Independent living. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone – permissions required for sharing.