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Membership Renewals 2020 – 2021: have commenced!

Picture of a dropbox for submissions

Our primary contacts of member organisations will have received their SDSS Membership Renewal email for 2020 – 2021. We really welcome your continued membership of SDSS for the coming year. We see greater opportunities for joint working, peer support and the strength of a wider, collective voice, as we live with the on-going challenge that COVID-19 will provide to people accessing social care support and carers.

Renewing your membership is an online process and this year you will see a few changes.

For the first time, SDSS are introducing a charge for membership. This will be based on a Project / Organisations income level and we aimed to be affordable for all.

Project Income Level:Charge:
£1,000,000 +£150
£500,000 +£100
£300,000 +£70
£ 200,000 +£50
£ 100,000 +£40
£ 50,000 +£30
£ 0 – £49,999£20

Membership is also an opportunity for you to tell us how we can support you in the year ahead – so any ideas on training, events or resources that you would like SDSS to develop or work with you on – just let us know.

For any queries on Membership, get in touch with Mark here: