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SDSS Membership terms & conditions

SDSS Membership terms & conditions

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These Terms and Conditions apply to all members at all times of their membership. Membership is not transferable and only applies to the organisation or individual application that was agreed by SDS Scotland. 

Members agree to: 

  • Renew membership on an annual basis in order to continue their membership 
  • Pay the appropriate membership fee in the timescale identified 
  • Inform SDS Scotland in writing if they would like to end their membership. After renewing membership, there is a cooling off period of 30 days after which membership fees cannot be refunded
  • Inform SDS Scotland of any change in: 
    • Their contact details 
    • The primary contact for Self Directed Support membership
    • The services they provide 
    • Their organisational status (eg. becoming an incorporated body) 
    • Their annual turnover (however please note if this alters the membership fee, the change will not be reflected until membership is renewed) 

Members further agree to:

  • Uphold the values and principles of Self-directed Support in their practice 
  • Work in a positive and constructive way with SDS Scotland and other members 
  • Meet members’ liability (£1) if SDS Scotland is wound up as an organisation.


 Last updated: June 2023