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Our staff team lead on the delivery of our work across Scotland.

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Donald Macleod

Chief Executive Officer

Donald is our Chief Executive and leads on SDSS delivery and strategic vision. He works closely with the SDSS Chair, Trustees, membership and staff team in the formulation of strategy and objectives.

Donald brings nearly 30 years of diverse experience in social care, primarily leading organisations working in learning disability. He comes to us from Autism Network Scotland, where he led the implementation of the Scottish Strategy for Autism in partnership with Scottish Government, before establishing his own successful Autism consultancy.

Involved in Self-directed Support implementation from its inception, exploring organisational responses in Glasgow, he has continued to work with people directing their own support through his own consultancy.

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Jeremy Adderley

Operations Manager

Jeremy is our Operations Manager and is here to implement a plan in conjunction with our team and stakeholders to continue to increase the effectiveness of the organisation and to take the lead on finance operations.

Following business and senior management roles in Edinburgh’s private sector, Jeremy has come from six years in development and financial management in an award winning Drugs and Alcohol charity. There he developed independent income and streamlined systems improving organisational effectiveness with finance, marketing, stakeholder management, fundraising and reporting.

While working with SDSS, Jeremy is also developing a fundraising support service for organisations with low capacity to manage fundraising events, engage their own stakeholders and connect with corporates and the public. Outside of work he currently supports his local ex-mining community through its community council and regeneration project steering groups.

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Mark Han-Johnston

Membership Development Executive

Mark is the Membership Development Executive for SDSS.

Mark previously managed and developed a Carers Advocacy Service at VOCAL, which is a carers organisation based in Edinburgh and Midlothian. Before that he worked as an advocate for people with learning difficulties, children and young people, and people using health services both in Scotland and the North East of England. Mark has also previously worked closely with disabled people’s groups and organisations to enable them to grow and develop in the way that they want, and to enable people to tackle the issues they are concerned with more effectively.

Mark has a love of history, archaeology and travelling and is currently trying to learn Mandarin and BSL!

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Kayleigh Hirst

Communications Manager

Kayleigh is SDSS’ Communications Manager. She leads on our communication with members and wider stakeholders, manages our information resources including the SDS Handbook and PA and PA Employer Handbooks, leads on our events and plays a key role in our policy and influencing work.

Kayleigh has a number of years’ experience in the Scottish voluntary sector, having previously worked with ENABLE Scotland, the Mental Health Foundation and St John Scotland. Having started her career as a subtitler, Kayleigh has gone on to work with a wide range of people with lived experience of disability, mental health issues, and with volunteers.

Kayleigh lives in Falkirk and supports her local community and voluntary sector as a Director of CVS Falkirk.

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Lucia Ortisi

Administration Officer

Lucia is SDSS’ Administration Officer. Lucia earned her Law degree from Catania University and obtained her professional qualification in 1991. Subsequently, she embarked on a career with international companies, spanning across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, where she specialized in various aspects of commercial law. In the year 2000, Lucia established the Mediterranean Centre for Arts and Sciences, where she designed an academic curriculum focused on humanities, arts, and environmental science.

Upon her return to Edinburgh, Lucia diversified her career by taking on roles in administration and accountancy. However, her skills extend beyond administrative expertise; she is also a dedicated gastronomer and professional chef. Lucia is a staunch advocate for traditional and sustainable food production, driven by her deep connection to Mediterranean culture and an unwavering passion for culinary arts. She wholeheartedly supports agro-ecological farming practices, recognizing their pivotal role in preserving biodiversity and nurturing our environment.

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Johanne McBean

Training Framework Developer

Johanne is a Training Framework Developer at SDSS, co-producing the 'Personal Assistant National Training Framework – a resource for Employers and PAs'.

Johanne brings a combination of experience in training design and delivery from various environments including mentoring, employability, transition skills, rehabilitation, moving and assisting and Pilates, coupled with direct experience of being a carer and managing a Self Directed Support budget with her daughter since 2007.

Johanne and her daughter began with one staff member for many years, and now have seven Enablers providing a 24/7 service which has led to them collaboratively developing their own training on a micro level.

Johanne has a Masters in Occupational Psychology which she says has come in very handy! She previously worked for the Glasgow Education Business Partnership as a development officer for seven years, and currently runs a small Pilates business.

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