As a membership organisation, we bring together those who share our vision and values, to amplify our collective voice.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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Disabled People's Organisations

Self Directed Support Scotland


Independent SDS Support Organisations

Self Directed Support Scotland


Carers' centres

Self Directed Support Scotland


Advocacy services

Self Directed Support Scotland


Peer support groups

Self Directed Support Scotland


Other third sector organisations

Self Directed Support Scotland

SDSS Members

Our member organisations cover all of Scotland and include:

  • Independent Support Organisations
  • Disabled People’s Organisations
  • Carers’ Centres
  • Peer support groups
  • Advocacy services
  • Services for Personal Assistant Employers
  • Third sector organisations whose work touches on social care support.

Benefits of Membership

By joining us, you’ll be joining a community working together to promote Self-directed Support across Scotland.

You’ll also have access to other member benefits, including:

  • bespoke organisation support
  • training on emerging areas of SDS practice
  • opportunities to contribute to national consultations and policy development
  • regular updates and news from across the sector
  • opportunities to showcase your work to our network
  • discounted rates to attend our training and events.

Case Study: Borders SDS Forum

Find out how we supported our member organisation the Borders SDS Forum to develop and grow.

Types of Membership

We have three types of membership - A, B and Associate - find out more below. You do not have to be an incorporated body to be a member of SDSS.

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Type A

Type A members are Disabled People's Organisations (DPOs). A DPO is defined as an organisation where at least 51% of the governing body are either disabled people or/and people who are eligible for social care support.

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Type B

Type B members are community or third sector organisations, which are not DPOs but which help people access SDS and are independent from the Local Authority.

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Associate members are national, international, local, voluntary or other non-profit organisations which do not meet the criteria for Type A or B membership.

Interested in becoming a member?

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