Sustainability and SDS Report: Challenges, Learning and Resources

This resource shares the learning, tools and tips generated by a programme of workshops on sustainability, centred on the Lasting Difference toolkit. The programme ran from August 2017 to January 2018, involving 52 people from 28 organisations across Scotland. It was hosted by Scottish Government, who had funded the participating organisations to support the implementation of Self-Directed Support (providing independent support and/or piloting innovations). However, the challenges participants worked on during the programme are almost universal. The learning presented is therefore applicable to anyone working in health and social care. This includes looking at:

  • SupportingĀ involvement
  • Sharing ownership, power and risk
  • Capacity
  • Diversifying income and having a long-term strategy
  • Supporting innovation in our organisation
  • Knowing / selecting which ideas to pursue
  • Encouraging innovation in other organisations
  • Measuring impact
  • Gathering data
  • Analysis and reporting

You can see a copy of the Sustainability and SDS Report here

You can also see copy of another publication from Wren and Greyhound looking at Leadership for a Lasting Difference: A companion to the Lasting Difference Toolkit

Self Directed Support Scotland

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