A Tool to help find people with Dementia who go missing

The Herbert Protocol for people with Dementia

Since 2017 the Herbert Protocol has been used many times to help police and other agencies quickly and safely locate missing people who have dementia. The scheme is being rolled out nationwide from 21 September, 2021.

Families of a person with the condition are asked to download the Herbert Protocol form and provide information such as places of importance to them, often visited places, health issues and places they have been found in the past if reported missing. Ownership and responsibility for updating the form remains with the family. You can download the form here: Herbert Protocol Form

Following its introduction in Scotland, the Hebert Protocol has been used many times to trace missing people with dementia and return them home. It is another example of how emergency and care services are working together to keep those with dementia safe.

You can learn more about the Herbert Protocol from PC Yocksan Bell (Missing Persons Co-ordinator) in the following video:


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