Latest on social care policy: Adult Social Care Reform programme launched.

The much anticipated Adult Social Care Reform programme was launched on Wednesday at the Social Work Scotland conference. You can find out all about the programme here and see the programme framework here.

At SDSS we are delighted to see the reform programme being launched, and are very hopeful that it will bring the opportunity to improve social care for people across the whole of Scotland. We are particularly pleased to note that the main workstream focuses on the purpose and value of social care support and self-directed approaches; we are very clear in our position on this [link to Shared Ambition doc] and know that a wider conversation to ensure a shared vision of social care across Scotland is essential in taking this forward. We are also pleased to see the key themes of consistent experience and expectations and investment in care and support are also being taken forward in work-streams as we know these are issues that our members, and their members, see as crucial in improving the social care experience for all. Of course at the heart of the programme is a co-production approach and the involvement of the People-Led Policy Panel as one of the two leadership groups for the programme has been fundamental in ensuring the right focus from the start. The Panel is a group of 50 diverse people from across Scotland who have lived experience of adult social care support, including unpaid carers, and we know that a number of people connected with SDSS members are involved. More information on the People-led Policy Panel can be found here. 

The full list of workstreams for the programme are:

·         The purpose and value of social care support and self-directed approaches

·         Consistent experience and expectations

·         Models of care and support

·         Workforce conditions and skills

·         Investment in care and support

·         Commissioning and procurement

·         Communities, care and support

SDSS will continue to engage in the programme, representing our members views and supporting you to get involved too. We are keen to find out where you most want us to focus our input and how you would like us to work with you on the programme, so hope to hold a session on this soon, either as a stand alone or as part of our AGM – please let us know which you would prefer or if you would be interested in hosting a discussion on this.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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