National programme to support adult social care reform: have your say!

The Scottish Government and COSLA (The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) are seeking views and input on the development of a national programme to support adult social care reform.

SDSS will be responding on behalf of our members, so we would like to invite you to come and talk to us about social care and how it could be better. We would like to hear the views of our member organisations before we respond at the end of October, so we are hosting three events for you, your members and service users, your colleagues, your management committee and your volunteers. You only need to come to one event, whichever suits you best:

Monday 22nd October, 2 High Street, Perth, 12 – 2pm. You can book at here.

Thursday 25th October, GCiL, Glasgow, 11 – 1pm. You can book here. 

Friday 26th October, Norton Park, Edinburgh, 11 – 1pm. You can book here.

During these events we would like you to share your views of the following with us:

  • What is your experience of the current social care system and its challenges and opportunities?
  • What should the shared vision / common outcomes for adult social care be? How should that be developed?
  • What should the priorities be for the national reform programme in the short, medium and long term?
  • What potential pitfalls might arise?
  • What would you like to see in the refreshed implementation plan for SDS (2019 – 2021)?

Really, what we want to hear are your experiences of the system and your views of how it can be improved, and, specifically, how a national reform programme can support those changes. You do not need to know lots about policy to join in this discussion, you need to know how adult social care is working or not working for you, people you care for, or people you work with.

You will remember that the recent Programme for Government also announced that the Scottish Government ‘will also gather views and consider evidence for a potential new national scheme to provide extra financial support to people with the highest social care needs, so that they can choose to live independently in their homes and in their local communities.’ so there will also be the chance as part of these conversations to discuss your initial thoughts on this.

Please come along, join the conversation and make sure SDSS’ response on this fully reflects the views of our members.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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