Brexit planning: SDSS members and PA employers.

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The Scottish Government understands that social care providers will already have undertaken contingency planning and resilience development steps to prepare for possible EU Exit disruptions. However, there is no clear national view as to the scope or complexity of these local resilience arrangements for social care providers. Scottish Government have designed a questionnaire to better understand the social care sector’s preparations, and SDSS are looking to respond to this in order to convey how EU exit disruptions may impact both our member organisations and PA employers that they support.

The questionnaire specifically focusses on what strategies providers have considered to address possible shortages of clinical consumables (see glossary below) and what support they may need if disruptions or shortages occur. We have adapted the questions as follows and are looking for your responses:

  • How do you (or people you work with?) currently order and receive clinical consumables?
  • Do you (or people you work with) have concerns about clinical consumables in the event of a no deal Brexit?
  • If so, please state your concerns and do they relate to any particular clinical consumables?
  • If so, what plans are you (or people you work with) putting in place to address these concerns?
  • If so, are you working with others on these plans (eg local support organisation)?

If you are from an SDSS member organisation or are a PA employer we would like to hear from you. Please send your responses to Jess at by 11th October 2019.


Clinical consumables are products organisation’s purchase to care for people, examples would be:

• Incontinence care products
• Hand hygiene products
• Aprons, Bibs and Gloves
• Pressure area care products
• Wipes and cleaning products
• Protective clothing
• Moving and handling products.

Clinical consumables are utilised for tasks involved in delivering services:
• Care at Home, Care Homes and Housing support, Hospices,
• Personal Care and Nursing Care,
• Health, safety or Infection control.

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