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Do you currently receive SDS? Are you considering SDS? Or, do you care for someone who receives SDS?

We want to know about your experiences!

Self Directed Support Scotland is pleased to support the Costing Good SDS research project, a partnership between the University of Stirling and Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCiL), with our very own Jess Wade being part of the Project Advisory Group.

The project aims to gather data about people’s lived experiences and aspirations, and not simply their direct experiences of Self-Directed Support and services in Scotland, in order to:

·         Find out what is important to disabled people and those who support them, in terms of the support they need to live fulfilled lives;

·         Support disabled people to be equal citizens, and to fully participate in their local community;

·         Improve the way SDS works by asking disabled people, and those who support them, about their experiences and how they think SDS could be improved.

A key part of the research approach is an online survey, which takes around 20 – 25 minutes to complete using a PC, tablet or other online device. All the information you provide is confidential and your responses will be held anonymously:

The project wants to establish what ‘good’ SDS would look like from the perspectives of disabled people and those who support them, and will go on to calculate what the actual costs are, and, most importantly, assess the benefits of providing that kind of support. The only way to do this is through people who receive SDS sharing their views and experiences, so please do get involved if you can, to ensure the project can fully influence the way SDS is planned and delivered in future.

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