Carers’ Wellbeing Campaign

Man with quote saying "i look after my wife, but I need time off work to give her all the help she needs." Text highlighted reads: "I need help".

The Scottish Government has launched a new Carers’ Wellbeing campaign to encourage carers across Scotland to seek the emotional and practical support that will help them look after themselves.

Recent polling undertaken by YouGov indicates that an additional 392,000 people in Scotland have taken up caring roles during the pandemic. This takes the total potential number of carers in Scotland to around 1.1 million. That is a lot more carers needing support.

The aim of the campaign, is to get more people across Scotland recognising themselves as carers and accessing the support that works for them, including their rights under the Carers Act.

Please help share the campaign online and start conversations with your networks. There’s a community of carers on every doorstep and every street. Together, it’s important to connect them with the emotional and practical support that works for them.

The dedicate website includes information and advice on the following topics:

  • Am I a carer?
  • Carers Scotland Act
  • Local carer centres
  • Carer benefits
  • Young carers
  • COVID-19 advice for carers
  • Accessing Support

For more information about carers and SDS, please check out our FAQ videos.

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