Working out the cost of Social Care: New Template



For anyone who is keen to learn more about the implementation of the National Living Wage in Social Care, this Component rate for Social Care template is for you! You might be advising or supporting someone to work out what funding they need as an employer of personal assistants for example or you could be a care provider trying to work out a cost for your service provision.

The Coalition of Care and Support Providers Scotland (CCPS) have been working in partnership on developing guidance around the National Living Wage, as well as a template to help the costs be identified locally across Scotland. The group taking this forward is called the National Living Wage Partners Group, made up of people from COSLA, the Scottish Government, Scottish Care, Unison and CCPS.

This information is not straightforward or particularly easy to understand – but if you are interested, and want to influence the implementation of the National Living Wage in your area – then read on! The template builds on CCPS’ work with Dr Alastair Rutherford (Stirling University) to establish the components of an hourly rate. The tool is designed to aid negotiations – it doesn’t recommend a specific rate but provides a basis for discussion.

For independent support organisations it might be important to check: is someones receiving SDS funding able to meet their obligations to pay the National Minimum Wage and the Scottish National Living Wage? Look out for our future update on this in the next couple of weeks.

Further links:

See the Guidance supplied to support delivery of the Living Wage Commitment to Care at Home and Housing Support.

Tale a look at the Component rate for Social Care template


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