Consultation on SDS Funding for Independent Support across Scotland

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The Scottish Government will be opening a new fund to support the development Self Directed Support aimed at Independent Information and Support organisations across Scotland. Before this fund is available, the Scottish Government would like to know what people’s views are on the parameters for the fund.

Currently, there has been 3 consultation events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen as well as an online Webinar. You can see a video of the webinar here:

There are a number of questions and issues that the survey covers, regarding:

  • The Application Process for the Fund, including the method to be used and the timescale needed
  • How applications should be assessed and whether interviews or presentations should be included as part of the process
  • The Criteria for the Fund, in terms of the activity to be supported
  • The Priorities for the Fund, considering how important factors such as geography, specialist knowledge and the type of support required at different stages is

The survey also looks at the question of how to involve Local Authorities in discussions regarding the development of SDS locally and how certain activities and challenges might be addressed.

This is an opportunity for you to give your views on what this fund could focus on and how this could be as accessible as possible.

To complete the survey, go here:

The survey will be open until Friday 12th January 2018. 

If you would like to comment further on the survey or on any broader issues, you can also contact Kaylie or Ashley at the organisation managing the fund, Inspiring Scotland at:

Kaylie Allen – or  Ashley Drennan –

Self Directed Support Scotland

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