Developing the Personal Assistant Handbook: looking for PA involvement

Looking for PAs to share their story and make a Video Case Study

SDS Scotland are developing a Personal Assistant Handbook for all PAs across Scotland. This will be a sister publication of the online PA Employer Handbook that you can find here:

The PA Employer Handbook

As part of this development SDS Scotland have set up a PA Working Group, involving PAs from across Scotland. The Handbook will include information that is useful to all new and current PAs and will cover subjects such as:

  • What is a Personal Assistant?
  • Thinking about becoming a PA?
  • What you need to know as a new PA
  • Developing your relationship with your employer
  • Training and Support for PAs
  • Dealing with employment issues
  • Where to go for help and support
  • What happens when your PA role ends
  • Self-employment for PAs

As part of this resource, we will also be creating some written and video Case Studies, based on PAs actual experiences. We are now looking for more PAs to get involved with this work.

If you know of any PAs, or are a PA yourself and would be interested in being involved in the development of the Handbook, or creating a Case Study, please get in touch for a chat and further information. We are particularly looking for Case Studies that will cover:

  • The experience of lone working and how you manage being the only person providing support
  • The importance of the relationship with your employer (whether that be the person you are supporting or their carer or Guardian)
  • Being a family member who is employed as a PA and how you manage this relationship and the different roles you have
  • Being a self-employed PA and what difference this makes
  • Being a PA in a very rural, remote or island community and the effect this has on your role
  • Being a PA for a child or young person and how this might differ from being a PA for an adult

For a chat and further information, please get in touch with Mark at:

Mark Han-Johnston

Tel: 07949 143433


Self Directed Support Scotland

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