Free Disability Equality Training for SDSS Members

SDSS are looking to run Disability Equality Training for any members that would like to attend. This is different from Awareness Training.

Disability Equality training is designed and delivered by disabled people and covers four fundamental elements:

  • Models of Disability, which explores frameworks for understanding disability;
  • Language of Disability, which explores why language is important and identifies some basic terms for discussion;
  • Cultural Perspectives, which explores the influence media and imagery has upon our perception of disability and
  • Barriers, which looks at the discrimination disabled people continually encounter and how these can be addressed.

The final segment of the session explores action planning which enables people to determine what, if anything, they need to share and/or how learning can be put into practice.

This would be a full days training which would enable participants to gain a firm grounding in the ideas and good practice relating to disability equality.

The training will be provided by Cameron Equality Training, by a very experienced trainer, Maggie Cameron and their website is here:

The training would run from 10.30am – 4pm. We have venue in Edinburgh at the Norton Park Conference Centre.

Potential dates for the training are:

  • Tuesday 20th February
  • Tuesday 27th February
  • Thursday 1st March

If you are interested in attending this training, please let us know which dates would be suitable for you and if you need any support with the cost of transport.

Please contact Mark Han-Johnston at SDSS on:

Tel: (0131) 475 2623


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