Extension of Funding for Independent SDS Information and Support Services

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Scottish Government Extends Funding for SIRD Projects for 12 Months:

We are delighted to hear that the Scottish Government has announced the extension of the Support in the Right Direction (SIRD) funding, for the delivery of Independent SDS Information and Support across Scotland. We see this as a further recognition of the central role that Independent Support plays in the delivery of SDS across Scotland. The need for this support to continue is even more vital given the adjustments we might need to make as we face on-going challenges due to the impact of COVID-19.

You can find details of the Scottish Government announcement here: Scottish Government Extension Funding for Independent SDS Projects

There are more details on the SIRD funded projects that have been awarded this extension funding here: SIRD Funded Projects on Inspiring Scotland Website

We also see the next year as an opportunity to have further discussions with the Scottish Government about the long term funding for Independent SDS Information and Support, as well as looking at how this support can be made available to all parts of Scotland.

If you would like to be part of discussions to make the case for long term funding for Independent SDS Information and Support, let us know.

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Email: mark@sdsscotland.org.uk

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