Feedback from the PA workshops

Following the three Matter of Focus facilitated workshops for Personal Assistants (PAs) and employers, as part of the PA Programme Board, a feedback meeting will take place on Thursday 25 November.

The meeting has been arranged to report on the outcome of the workshops and allow those who participated, and others who couldn’t attend, to hear the findings and add their contributions.

Chaired by Donald Macleod, SDSS, and Ian Turner, Scottish Government, and findings presented by Simon Bradstreet, Matter of Focus, the hour and a half meeting will reflect on the issues raised by PAs and employers and how the PA Programme Board will take them forward.

Non-salaried attendees will be able to claim for their attendance. Please contact Linda Beath ( or Don Morrison ( for further details.

To join the meeting on Thursday 25 November at 10am, please register your interest by emailing

Self Directed Support Scotland

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