Free e-learning on Welfare Reform and Universal Credit

With the ongoing rollout of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and the new Universal Credit (UC) later this year, there is more information for people working in the voluntary sector to be aware of. Universal Credit in particular is already drawing concerns about the possible impact that this might have upon disabled people income. Therefore, it might be helpful to have some short e-learning opportunities that you can make use of in your own time.

Free e-learning opportunities on welfare reform are now available via the Child Poverty Action Group to everyone in the public and voluntary sectors.

Register to get access to the range of training available, which includes:

  • ‘Supporting Hard-Up Households’ particularly looking at the Fife area
  • Welfare reform
  • Universal Credit
  • Scottish Welfare Fund
  • Bereavement Benefits
  • Making the most of the CPAGs Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook

Register here:

Self Directed Support Scotland

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