Funding announced for independent support

New funding has been announced that will enable people in Scotland who use social care, and their carers, to access independent support, information, advice and advocacy.

The Support in the Right Direction (SiRD) funding has been granted to 33 organisations across Scotland, and will see them share £9.2 million of funding from Scottish Government across the next three years.

The SiRD 2024-27 fund, managed by Inspiring Scotland, will support the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Self-Directed Support (SDS) Improvement Plan 2023-27, by empowering people to have choice and control over their social care support. 

Through SiRD, supported people and carers will have a better understanding of Self-Directed Support (SDS) and options for their social care, feel better able to participate in social care assessments and reviews, and feel they have increased involvement and choice when planning their social care support. 

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Celia Tennant, Chief Executive of Inspiring Scotland said: 

“We are pleased to be working with the Scottish Government on Support in the Right Direction. This vital funding commitment will help bring stability to organisations over the next three years and strengthen the network across Scotland of providers of independent advice and advocacy with self-directed support.

We know that locally based organisations are vital in enabling people and their carers to understand and navigate the social care systems in their areas. Each of these organisations bring expertise in social care, self-directed support and a good knowledge of local resources meaning they are best placed to work with people at every stage of their journey.” 

Minister for Social Care, Mental Wellbeing and Sport Maree Todd said: 

“Through this funding, people and carers will be supported to have more choice and involvement in how their social care is delivered.

“We want everyone accessing social care to feel confident participating in every stage of their social care journey and be equal partners in their care and support decisions, so that they can live a full and independent life.

“The ambition is to have the right independent support available at the right time and place to meet the specific needs of each individual.”

Some of the services which have been funded include:

Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCIL) and The Action Group will deliver peer support groups, training and workshop sessions on SDS and related topics for social care users, care providers and local authorities. LCIL will lead on delivery of the peer support groups and training, while The Action Group will co-facilitate peer support for carers from BAME communities with LCIL. 

Carers of West Lothian will provide an information and support service for disabled people and unpaid carers who are accessing or considering using social care in West Lothian, to understand the options available to them and navigate the social care system. They will also work with the West Lothian SDS Forum who will facilitate peer support for people with experience of using social care. 

Urram are based in the rural West Lochaber area of the Highlands and will establish social care hubs throughout the Lochaber peninsula to provide information on social care and self-directed support, connect people to community-based services and provide support to people to become an employer.  

Improving Lives and Carers of West Dunbartonshire will raise awareness of self-directed support throughout West Dunbartonshire. Improving Lives will hold weekly clinics focusing on support planning and navigating social care assessments, while Carers of West Dunbartonshire will support carers to identify their own personal outcomes to support a life alongside caring. 


You can see a full list of the services that have been funded from April 2024: SiRD funded services. 

You can find out more about Support in the Right Direction (SiRD) on the Inspiring Scotland website.

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