Health & Sport Committee Inquiry into Adult Social Care Support

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We shared information with you at the end of last year about the Health and Sport Committee’s launch of an inquiry into Adult Social Care Support.

The Committee wants to explore the future delivery of social care in Scotland and what is required to meet future needs.

Key questions for the inquiry focus on hearing about people’s experiences of social care in Scotland and examining the future delivery of social care in Scotland:

Experiences of social care in Scotland

The Committee are seeking views from people with lived experience of receiving adult social care or being a carer for someone receiving care, and would like to hear:

  • Your story and experience of social care in Scotland
  • What you would change about your experience of social care?

The future delivery of social care in Scotland

The Committee are keen to receive responses to the following questions:

  • How should the public be involved in planning their own and their community’s social care services?
  • How should integration authorities commission and procure social care to ensure it is person-centre?
  • Looking ahead, what are the essential elements in an ideal model of social care (eg workforce, technology, housing etc)
  • What needs to happen to ensure the equitable provision of social care across the country?

SDSS will be responding to this call for evidence, basing our submission on what we have learned from our members up to now, through our ongoing members surveys and feedback, sessions we previously held with members around then proposed adult social care reform, evidence we have gathered through our My Support, My Choice research, and anything else you would like to tell us on this matter.

Please get in touch with Jess if you would like to be involved in the response, or have any comments or ideas you would like to see included. SDSS will share our draft response with interested parties before the consultation deadline of Thursday 20th February.

We would also encourage members, and your members, to respond directly to the consultation, particularly to share your own experiences of accessing adult social care in Scotland. You can do this here.

The inquiry intends to focus on the future delivery of social care in Scotland and to avoid replicating the work of the current Adult Social Care Reform Programme. SDSS will continue to work with colleagues in the Scottish Government as part of the Reform Programme, which you can find out more about here.

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