Join our National Care Service consultation

We’re collating a response to the Scottish Government’s National Care Service consultation and are inviting members to contribute to a collective submission.

Many of our members have been involved in the process to date, through discussions at our AGM and the SDS National Voice, both exploring the Independent Review of Adult Social Care with Derek Feeley. Several of our members have also been involved both in the short life working group for the Personal Assistant (PA) thank you payment process and the ongoing PA Programme Board, which aims to ensure the integration of PAs into the overall social care workforce.

Now that the Scottish Government has set out their proposals to improve the way social care is delivered in Scotland, it’s important that our membership’s views are heard.

The consultation is about how social care is delivered in Scotland and includes plans for:

  • disabled people,
  • those with mental health conditions,
  • older people,
  • people with or recovering from addictions,
  • homeless people,
  • children and families who need support,
  • children who are unable to live with their own families,
  • Personal Assistants and,
  • unpaid carers.

To be able to submit a response that is reflective of our membership’s views, we’re facilitating a consultation session on Wednesday 13 October 2021 from 10am until 12pm. During the session we will focus on aspects of the consultation that affect Self-directed Support including assessments, social work, planning and buying and personal assistant registration.

Findings from the session will then be submitted to the Scottish Government before the deadline of 2 November 2021.

We’ll also be joined by SDSS Board member, Anne-Marie Monaghan, who is currently working with the Scottish Association of Social Workers (SASW) on the National Care Service Consultation. She is very keen to hear from SDS Scotland members, as stakeholders of social work services, about what they think social work should look like within the new National Social Work Agency that is being proposed. Anne-Marie will do a short presentation and open it for discussion to hear your views which will help inform the submission from SASW.

Please visit our Eventbrite page to book your place now.

You can access the National Care Service for Scotland Consultation Easy Read here.

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