Manifesto for Change: 10 Priorities for Disabled People in Scotland

Disability Equality Scotland’s Manifesto for Change:

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2021, Disability Equality Scotland have produced a Manifesto for Change that they would like to see taken up by all political parties standing in the election.

Disabled people face inequality and discrimination across all facets of society. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in disabled people becoming even more marginalised.

Developed in co-production with their members, they are asking that all political parties commit to the following:

  • Social Model of Disability: Proposes that what makes someone disabled is not their medical condition, but the attitudes and structures of society.
  • Protect Human Rights: They want to ensure that the rights of disabled people are fully protected and that they receive fair and equal treatment at all times.
  • Inclusive Communication: Disabled people should have access to information and channels of communication that are inclusive and widely available in formats that meet their needs.
  • Opportunities for Employment: They want to see the disability employment gap reduced by at least 50%, where disabled people are recruited or supported to remain in meaningful employment.
  • Support for Access Panels: The Access Panel Network must be recognised as valuable contributors to consultations on planning applications lodged in local authority areas across Scotland.
  • Equitable Social Care: Health and social care support services are designed to meet – and do meet – the individual needs and outcomes of disabled people.
  • Accessible Transport: Disabled people should have an accessible and affordable transport system, designed and developed in partnership with disabled people.
  • Access to Justice: They want to see an increase in awareness of disability hate crime, including how it can be recognised and reported.
  • Active Participation: There must be increased opportunities for disabled people to meaningfully participate and engage in local and national discussions, strengthening the Democracy Matters agenda.
  • Supporting Young People: Young disabled people should be supported in their transition to adulthood through opportunities to influence policy, direct support, counselling, training and choice of opportunity.

You can find all the details on the Manifesto for Change on the Disability Equality Scotland website here.

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