Trustees’ Week

Meet Self Directed Support Scotland’s Trustees

This week, 2-6 November 2020, has been Trustees’ Week and we’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Self Directed Support Scotland’s Trustees.

Trustees are the people in charge of a charity and without them, Self-Directed Support Scotland (SDSS) wouldn’t be able to support our membership in the way that we currently do.

Our Trustees make up our Board, giving up their own time to work together to make important decisions about SDSS. They have a number of roles and responsibilities and must:

  • Represent an organisation that is a Full Member of SDSS
  • Be aware of equal opportunities issues and adhere to SDSS’s Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Understand and work according to the Social Model of Disability
  • Understand and support the philosophy of Independent Living
  • Have knowledge of the Disabled People’s Movement and disability issues in general
  • Be self-motivated, organised, with good time management skills
  • Be prepared to work as part of a dedicated team

As a Trustee of SDSS, they’ve agreed to abide by the fundamental values that underpin all the activity of SDSS:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Transparency

We’re so grateful for their knowledge, guidance, support and time – thank you Trustees!

You can learn more about each Trustee here.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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