SDS National Voice 2020, Member tickets: information and offers.



SDS National Voice 2020 Common Ground is our third National Voice event. Our members have been central to the success of previous National Voice events whether that be through their contributions as speakers ,workshop hosts or as delegates.

This year we have introduced a small charge for members to help us to cover costs. These tickets are £25.00 per person and are significantly reduced from the general entry rate of £130.00. Please note to ensure as many member organisations as possible can be represented, we are currently limiting member tickets to two per organisation.

Member tickets can be purchased now on our Eventbrite page here.

Find out more below about marketplace and workshop opportunities as well as our ‘buddy up’ scheme which offers members free tickets.

Workshop opportunities. 

Applications are still open for workshops. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to showcase your work locally and facilitators will get free places and reasonable expenses covered. To apply for a workshop please visit the form here, or if you want to chat about ideas email Anna or give her a call (0131) 475 2623.

Marketplace tickets

For an additional £25 (£50.00 total) a marketplace stall can be included in your entry. You can book member marketplace tickets on the main booking page.

‘Buddy up’ discount scheme.

This year we are trying to encourage as many Local Authorities/HSCPs to get involved in SDS National Voice. We are also interested in engaging with those working within local government and Parliament with an interest in social care. As many of our members have already built these relationships locally we introduced this scheme.

Members who participate in the scheme are eligible for a free ticket through the ‘buddy up’ scheme. To be eligible you have to bring along one of the following:

  • A social worker from your Local Authority/HSCP
  • A representative of your Local Authority/HSCP (e.g commissioner, SDS lead)
  • Another representative of Local Government in your area (e.g someone who sits on an IJB, a councillor)
  • A local MSP

Once this has been organised email Anna in advance of booking for discount codes (you will get a free place, and the individual joining you will be eligible for 25% discount, meaning their tickets will be £71.25 reduced from £95.00).

[Offers are subject to availability and may be time limited]


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