Membership Renewals 2021 – 2022: have commenced!

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Our primary contacts of member organisations will have received their SDSS Membership Renewal email for 2021 – 2022. We really welcome your continued membership of SDSS for the coming year. We see greater opportunities for joint working, peer support and the strength of a wider, collective voice, as we live with the on-going challenge that COVID-19 will provide to people accessing social care support and carers.

Renewing your membership is an online process and current members will receive their unique link to access the form.

As a charitable organisation, we need to generate income to continue our work. That’s why there is a small charge for membership, based on a project / organisation’s income level and we aim to be affordable for all.

Project Income Level: Charge:
£1,000,000 + £150
£500,000 + £100
£300,000 + £70
£ 200,000 + £50
£ 100,000 + £40
£ 50,000 + £30
£ 0 – £49,999 £20

Membership is also an opportunity for you to tell us how we can support you in the year ahead – so any ideas on training, events or resources that you would like SDSS to develop or work with you on – just let us know.

Please note: Before completing your application, please ensure that you and/or your organisation meet the criteria for membership. If you’re not sure if you meet the criteria for membership, or which category of membership would be relevant to you, you can contact the Membership Development Executive at: or call 07775 065653.


Step 1

Applications for SDSS Membership are made by completing this form. This is then returned to SDSS along with the supporting documents. These are:

  • A copy of the groups/organisations governing document (e.g. Constitution, Articles of Association etc) if applicable
  • Any brochure or leaflet explaining what the group/organisation does.

Step 2

Applications are checked by the Membership Development Executive (MDE) and they will get in touch if any further information is required. The MDE will identify the appropriate membership category and pass all the application details to the SDSS Board.

Step 3

The SDSS Board will consider the application for membership and make a decision on this. This will be communicated with the organisation through the MDE.

Step 4

If membership is agreed, a membership pack will be issued and member listing added to SDSS membership. Any membership fee will be payable at this time.

Support with renewal or application

Our Membership Development Executive, Mark, will be available on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 June to help guide you through the renewal or application process.

You can schedule a 15 minute meeting by clicking here.

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