ENABLE Scotland, a Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS) member, has launched a new campaign to uphold the human rights of all adults who have a learning disability in Scotland to live in the home of their choice, in the community they choose, close to the people they love.

#MyOwnFrontDoor launched on Monday 17 January 2022 and calls out the discrimination faced by learning disabled people as they experience delayed discharge from hospitals and out of area housing placements they have no choice in.

ENABLE believes that now is the time to make things right for people with learning disabilities who are not able to live in their own community.

The campaign is asking the Scottish Government, NHS and COSLA to commit to work together to:

  • Close Assessment and Treatment Units (ATU) beds and end practice of Scottish citizens being sent out of country;
  • With immediate effect, implement a Community First principle for the commissioning of support for all adults and children who have a learning disability in Scotland;
  • Invest nationally in a Specialist Providers Network to improve local coverage accessible in every neighbourhood;
  • Maintain a National At-Risk Register and ensure that everyone identified on this in 2021/22 has a plan in place by 2023 to come home to the community of their choice; and
  • Create a National Community Living Panel to ensure oversight and accountability of decision making about individual placements.

You can show your support for the campaign and get involved by:

  • Writing to your MSP to tell them about the campaign – a letter template is available on ENABLE’s website
  • Sharing the campaign on social media using #MyOwnFrontDoor and #CommunityFirst
  • Talking about the campaign in your local and national groups
  • Listening to the ENABLE Talks podcast
  • Joining the Family Connect seminars on Zoom
  • Sharing your own story

Find out more and get involved here.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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