National Care Service Consultation

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The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on a National Care Service, setting out their proposals to improve the way social care is delivered in Scotland.

The consultation comes after the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland found that current structures have not fully delivered the improvements intended to be achieved by integration of health and social care and recommended the creation of a National Care Service.

Kevin Stewart, Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, said: “The ambition of this government is to go much further, and to create a comprehensive community health and social care service that supports people of all ages. This will support the provision of care that wraps around families and smooth transitions between different categories of care for everyone, taking account of individual circumstances, the communities they live in and their wishes.

“If we get social care delivery right, we can help people live the kind of life they want to live; going to college, getting a job, remaining in their own communities for longer. Peoples’ lives can be transformed.”

This three-month consultation is focused on exploring the suggestions for significant cultural and system change that will need to be supported by primary legislation and new laws, to ensure the governance and accountability across the system to deliver successfully for people.

You can learn more about the plans proposed by the Scottish Government and have your say by completing the Respondent Information Form and Questions here.

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