New Members Training for 2021

Upcoming Training Opportunities for Members in 2021

Equality: Disability Equality Training (DET)
Disability Equality Training has been developed by disabled people to address the experience of disability and its impact. The aim of DET is to enable people to understand the effects of disability, identify changes in work practices and plan strategies to implement change, through the use of relevant discussion and activities.

Participation Requests and SDS
The Community Empowerment Act provides an opportunity for community groups, organisations and ‘communities of interest’ to request the start of a formal process to look at a local issue of concern. This could relate to any aspect of the implementation of SDS in your area. This course will enable you to understand how to make best use of the opportunity that a Participation Request can provide.

Getting to Grips with SDS
An opportunity to look at key elements of the Self Directed Support Legislation and Guidance, in terms of what SDS is based on, what it is trying to achieve and the rights and choices that people have under the legislation. Common myths around SDS will be explored as well as specific questions people have about the delivery of SDS in practise.

SDS and Carers
Carers can potentially access an SDS budget in their own right. This course will explore how carers can access SDS, the rights and choices they have under the relevant legislation and guidance and what to expect when they ask for help. Key issues and questions will also be explored for both carers of adults and carers of children and young people.

SDS and Children and Young People (GIRFEC)
Learn about how SDS can apply when a child or young person is needing additional support, particularly when there is already support in place through their school. We will explore key times such as Transitions, how educational and social care legislation connect, as well as looking at carers and parents needs during this time.

Applying SDS Legislation and Guidance (Civil Rights First)
These sessions will explore the application of SDS and related legislation and guidance, to specific issues affecting people’s ability to access and make use of SDS in their local area. Explore specific issues and concerns in detail as we consider different strategies for addressing them in practise.

Peer 2 Peer Course
Ever thought about developing a local Peer Support Group? Maybe you are already part of a group and would like to refresh how you do things. If so, this is the course for you. Explore how to set up, develop and grow a peer support groups. Only life experience required.

Becoming an Option 2 Provider
Option 2 is the underdeveloped opportunity that SDS created. Explore how you could become an Option 2 provider in your local area. This course will look at the key elements of being an Option 2 provider, what this involves in practise, how this affects your relationship with the people you support and local Commissioners and how to gather the support you need to make this work.

Salesforce Training
This course will enable you to explore how the Salesforce database can work for you. We will look at how to collect relevant information on the people you support, how you can record the various areas of work you undertake and how you can identify and record the impact of the work that you do. Subjects such as GDPR, data protection, confidentiality and evaluation will all be explored further.

Campaigning is about creating change. You might call it influencing, having a voice or advocacy. This course will explore the idea of the ‘campaigns cycle’, how you analyse and select issues, develop a strategy, plan a campaign, delivering it, monitor progress, evaluating impact and draw out any learning. We will also look at challenges to campaigning and the relevance of the Lobbying Act.

Developing a Fundraising Strategy
Always looking for further funding opportunities? Developing a funding strategy is a key way to helping your group or organisation focus your time and effort on raising funds. We will explore key elements such as how to identify your objectives, knowing the difference you will make, understanding donors motivation, measuring the impact of your work and top tips for funding applications.

Look out for dates in the New Year and sign up to any that look of interest.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a training or information session on a particular subject, just get in touch with Mark to let him know, at:

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