Report: Self-directed Support in Scotland: Capturing the experience of people living with dementia.

Bright pink cover of report with the text Self-directed Support in Scotland. Capturing the expereince of people living with dementia.

A report produced by Community Catalysts, captures the experience of people living with dementia and their carers and how Self-directed Support has worked for them.

For the purposes of this report in depth interviews with 5 people were undertaken and their experiences of SDS recorded, their stories form the backbone of this report.

The report found 5 consistent themes from these stories:

  1. Dementia has a huge impact on people and their families
  2. When it works, SDS can have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives
  3. The journey to SDS is very challenging
  4. Many people experience a significant gap between the rhetoric around SDS and the reality
  5. People identified some specific barriers to making SDS work for them

The writers then goes on to make recommendations for both national and local strategic decision makers, which could improve social care experiences of those living with dementia. You can access the full report here. 

Self Directed Support Scotland

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