New Research into PA Relationships: Positive but there can be challenges

This study aims to understand the relationships of power, ethics and emotions which underlie the PA model, by gathering and analysing qualitative data. The project looked at what made a good PA relationship, how it can go wrong, and how to maximise good employment relationships. Most importantly, the research addresses the key question of how disabled people can be empowered without disempowering workers.

Key messages:

  • Personal assistance relationships are complex, variable, and involve power, ethics, emotions
  • PA is empowering, flexible and desirable for both employers and workers
  • However, PA can go wrong, relationship sometimes become wounded, or even ruptured
  • Managing PA relationships is complicated and hard work
  • Dysfunctional relationships may be emotionally fraught and disempowering
  • Disabled employers and PAs must be supported to gain skills and knowledge needed to manage relationships effectively

See a copy of the Report here: PA Relatiionship (Power Ethics Emotions)(UAE)(June 2017)

See the Findings and Key messages here: PA Relationship (UEA)(June 2017)

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