Open University: New Revised Online SDS Course

Open University: New Revised Online SDS Course

The Open University has had recently updated and improved this course so that it considers self-directed support for both children and adults.

The Course has six sections, which can be studied in any order:

  • Understanding personalisation and its history
  • Making personalisation happen: Co-production
  • Outcomes based thinking
  • Personalisation and risk
  • Workforce
  • Working together for personalisation.

The course includes a wide range of activities, the option to record reflections in a learning log and a series of short quizzes to allow you to check out your progress. If you complete the whole course you will be able to download a Statement of Participation.

After studying this unit you should be aware of:

  • the origins and development of personalisation in the UK and Scotland, and its relationship with the policy of self-directed support in Scotland
  • some of the tensions and challenges associated with moving towards personalised services in Scotland
  • some different ways of thinking about personalisation for adults and for children
  • the role of co-production (making things happen together) in personalisation of services
  • the nature, impact and challenges of moving to an outcomes-based approach to services
  • different ways of viewing perceived and actual risks associated with personalisation
  • the relationship between citizens’ changing needs for care and support, and the nature, size and role of the care workforce in Scotland
  • the importance of services working together for personalisation in Scotland, and some of the challenges associated with joint working.

To sign up for the course you can go to the Open Learn SDS Course here

Self Directed Support Scotland

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