Programme for Government 2019-20: What does this mean for SDS?

The Scottish Government

Scottish Government recently launched the new Programme for Government 2019-20 ‘Protecting Scotland’s future’ which can be accessed here.

The programme covers a range of policy areas, key commitments relevant to SDS and Social care are as follows:

  • To work with health and social care partnerships, local authorities, providers and improvement organisations to make it easier to design and implement models of care which support the workforce to provide flexible, consistent care and support for people receiving different types of support.
  • To continue to support the sector to develop a national framework agreement for both purchased and commissioned care and support services, to increase consistency and strengthen the focus on person-centred and outcomes-focused practice.
  • To support Social Work Scotland to work with local authorities and others to design a framework of practice for Self-directed Support across Scotland, in order to increase consistency in the delivery of SDS (including assessment and resource allocation) with a particular focus on improving delivery in rural areas.
Self Directed Support Scotland

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