Reflecting on our 2020 AGM: Paving the way

This year, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, our AGM went virtual with over 80 members (and non-members) joining us on the day. 

The event, on Thursday 12 November, was an opportunity to discuss the work of Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS) over the last 12 months, highlight key achievements and challenges, and for members to have a say about the future work and governance of SDSS. 

Following the formal AGM for members, we welcomed non-members with an interest in Self-directed Support as we heard from some key players in Scottish health and social care: 

Lucy Mulvagh, Director of Policy and Communications, The ALLIANCE – My Support, My Choice 

Click here to watch the presentation and view the Q&A document.  

Derek Feeley, Chair of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care – Independent Review of Adult Social Care 

Click here to hear from Derek Feeley. 

Ailsa McAllister, SDS Project Manager, Social Work Scotland – Standards for Good SDS 

Click here to watch the presentation and view the Q&A document. 

Attendees will receive an email link to provide their feedback which we encourage them to complete as constructively as possible to help us improve future events 

We’d like to say a big thanks to our Management Committee, speakers, technicians and attendees for contributing to our first major online event.  

Please join us for our next event ‘SDS National Voice 2021 which will take place in March. More details to follow. 

SDSS Team  

Self Directed Support Scotland

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