Review of Independent Information and Support has now been published.

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The newly published Research Findings (‘Review of Independent Information and Support Services’) by Craigforth social researchers on the independent support provided by organisations funded through Support in the Right Direction, found strong evidence that independent support plays a key role in the delivery of social care, and that without it many people would have struggled to access the support they need, and make use of it in the way they would like to. Craigforth spoke to 141 people who had used one of the SiRD projects. They placed a significant value on independent support, with 80% saying that it had made an enormous or big difference to them. All of this points to the impact of independent support and a clear need for its continued provision.

The Research Findings can be accessed here. If you would like support from SDSS to make use of these findings in order to promote the value of your work please get in touch with Mark: The full report will follow in due course.


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