Scottish Government ‘Data under Development’ report (2015-16): No major improvement in SDS Implementation

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The Headlines:

  • SDS Implementation rate has risen on average from 20% to 27%
  • 73% of people receiving social care were not given a choice about the support they are entitled to
  • Local Authorities failing in their legal duties to 73% of people receiving support
  • Major change required to ensure SDS will be fully implemented by Local Authorities

The Scottish Governments new report on the implementation of SDS makes for frustrating reading. SDS implementation rates have slightly increased overall. However, the majority of people using social care services are not being given the choice they are entitled to over the support they need. This is a major worry. Given that the we are 7 years into a 10 strategy, there are calls for a major re-think on the next phase of implementation from now until 2020. There is also no significant development of Option 2 – which is almost non existent in some parts of Scotland.

Further highlights include:

  • Top 3 Local Authority increases in implementation:
  • Midlothian have largest increase from 4% to 66%
  • Clackmannanshire 2nd largest increase from 3% to 60%
  • Perth and Kinross 3rd largest increase from 40% to 78%
  • Local Authorities with greatest decrease in choice of support:
  • Dundee City dropped from 56% to 36%
  • Moray has dropped from 67% to 51%
  • Bottom 3 Local Authorities:
  • Aberdeen City staying on 4% – no change
  • Shetland drops to equal bottom from 2% to 3%
  • West Dunbartonshire – stays bottom at 3% – same as previous year
  • 28 out of 32 Local Authorities provided data for all questions asked (up 8)
  • Aberdeen, Eilean Siar, Shetland and West Dunbartonshire were unable to provide all data asked for (also unable to provide all data in 2014 – 15)

Options breakdown (average across all authorities):

  • Option 1 = 11% (Down 2%)
  • Option 2 = 9% (Same)
  • Option 3 = 75% (Same)
  • Option 4 = 5& (Up 2%)

Find your Local Authority figures in the full report.

For further comment see the article in the Herald.


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