Scotland Against the Care Tax Campaign: Daily Record support!

Scotland Against the Care Tax: now a Daily Record Campaign!

Scotland Against the Care Tax has been campaigning to abolish care charges for Social Care in Scotland for some time. Now the Daily Record has started campaigning for their abolition by using case studies to illustrate the injustice of this tax.

As an active member of Scotland Against the Care Tax, SDSS would like to encourage all members to support people to get involved in the campaign.  The reporter leading on this is Annie Brown, and she is keen to speak to anyone who would be willing to share their experience of the Care Tax and how it impacts on their life.

Some examples of recent pieces she has written on this are here:

Director highlights disability care tax scandal with hip-hop film Tax on Me

Former postie paralysed by cancer forced to splash out £600 a month in care tax

Annie would like to speak to, and share the stories of, as many people as possible who are affected by this tax, particularly anyone who is really suffering because of it. She can be contacted by email or by telephone at: 07747757914

SACT have also produced a Sample Letter to MSP (SACT)(Aug 2017) that people can use to protest against the care tax by writing to their MSP. See their video below!


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