Scottish Borders SDS Forum on SDSS Membership

As a membership organisation, the focus and direction of our work reflects the needs and priorities of our membership in their role in supporting people across Scotland.

We recently caught up with Elspeth Critchley to find out what Self Directed Support Scotland membership has meant for Scottish Borders SDS Forum. Read the Q&A below.

When did Scottish Borders SDS Forum first become a member of Self Directed Support Scotland?

Scottish Borders SDS Forum joined SDSS in 2018 and have renewed our membership every year since then.

What does being a member of SDSS mean to Scottish Borders SDS Forum?

It means we can easily ask for advice and support in relation to our work promoting SDS in the Scottish Borders.

What benefits does SDSS membership bring?

It has given us access to advice, support and information. Through national events it has linked us in to other third sector organisations and kept us informed of the national picture.

Would you recommend SDSS membership to other organisations? If yes, then why?

We certainly would. We would recommend SDSS as responsive, helpful and supportive. Mark (Membership Development Executive, SDSS) helped us a great deal when we were setting up the SDS Forum and gave us good advice on becoming a Constituted Group. We really appreciate how responsive SDSS has always been.

Do you have an example of support received by SDSS?

Yes. Mark has been a source of great support to Scottish Borders SDS Forum in our Participation Request to Scottish Borders Council in relation to choice about introducing Pre Payment cards for people using SDS Option 1. It was from Mark that we learnt about Participation Requests initially and he has been endlessly patient, supportive and a source of excellent advice to us. He has willingly attended many meetings with us and with Scottish Borders Council (SBC) in relation to this. He has kept us and SBC focussed on the values and principles behind SDS legislation. We are very grateful to him for his support.

If you’d like to learn more about SDSS Membership, please click here.

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