SDS Collective Launch – 21st November 2018 in Glasgow – be there!

Launch of the SDS Collective!

The SDS Collective is a group of advocacy and campaigning organisations which have come together to promote improved practice in the development of Self-Directed Support in Scotland.

Recognising that Self-Directed Support is the mainstream form of social care provision in Scotland, the SDS Collective exists to address the restrictions on choice and control experienced by a range of individuals and families in the context of the implementation of Self-Directed Support in Scotland, and to share solutions and remedies.

Campaign Launch:

Date: Wednesday 21st November 2018

Time: 11.30am – 3.30pm

Location: Cumbrae House 15, Carlton Court, Glasgow, Glasgow, G5 9JP

We are particularly keen to involve people using social care services and carers.

We aim to:

  1. Uphold Scotland’s Self-Directed Support policy, the values and principles contained within the legislation and guidance, and the aspiration that people should be genuinely in control of their own support.
  2. To restore and establish the proper balance of power between individuals and families and the public bodies that serve them.
  3. To foster the local capacity of individuals and families to articulate their views on what is happening and assert their right to better outcomes.
  4. To build a collective capacity to assert legal authority and human rights.
  5. To bring poor and discriminatory practice to the attention of the relevant regulatory, professional and governmental bodies, and to suggest remedies, especially in relation to:
  • instances where legislation and guidance are ignored;
  • restrictive interpretations of legislation and guidance; and
  • gaps in the knowledge and understanding of workers.

The event is for anyone who might be receiving social care support, their carers and people working for Independent SDS Information, Advice and Advocacy organisations and projects, supporting people to access the support that they need.

We want to hear about people’s experiences and to see how we can work together to identify the priorities for change and to support each other to enable this change to happen.

Places are going fast, so to book a place for the event just sign up here at the Eventbrite page.

If all places get taken and you would still like to be involved in the SDS Collective and future events, just let Mark Han-Johnston know at:


Tel: (0131) 475 2623

Self Directed Support Scotland

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