Self-directed Support and People Living with Dementia

Alzheimer Scotland are conducting a short survey to find out more about what is happening locally from organisations involved directly in supporting people with self-directed support, so that they can further support and guide people living with dementia and their families regarding Self-Directed Support.

This could be for example about providing information about organisations who can help them locally or discussing how they can work in partnership with those organisations.

Anecdotally, Alzheimer Scotland are aware of many people living with dementia who receive excellent support from organisations and people, other than the local authority and social work professionals.

However, they are also aware that many people living with dementia are not advised about other sources of support to help access and manage SDS and this can be a real barrier to exercising more choice and control and directing support.

Alzheimer Scotland are keen to find out more about the landscape of provision of independent support and advice for people living with dementia to access and manage SDS and if there is adequate provision of this support.

They hope to be able to use findings from this survey as evidence about SDS and people living with dementia, to be able to maximise opportunities for local networking and increase access to appropriate supports for people with dementia and their families.

They also hope to gather intelligence that may inform any dialogues which local people might want to have about fair access to SDS with local authorities.

Alzheimer Scotland would like to invite you, as a representative of an organisation or project that provides independent support and advice for SDS, to complete their survey and provide them with information about the extent to which you are currently able to offer support to people living with dementia.

They offer this opportunity to take part in their survey genuinely in the spirit of partnership working, to gain more knowledge and to more clearly map our current and potential local SDS allies, not to make any remark or judgement about the current capacity of any individual organisation or project.

The survey should only take you 15 minutes to complete.

If you are interested in being involved in this work, but would prefer to take part in a planned half hour phone interview rather than complete the survey; please do not hesitate to contact Laura Finnan Cowan by emailing

The closing date for the survey will be Monday 22nd October 2018.

Self Directed Support Scotland

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